Selling it All


We are having an exciting month because doesn’t everyone love selling off, donating, and packing all of their worldly goods?! Of course not, but it is a freeing and necessary part of our preparation for moving.

We have just over 7 weeks until we get on the plane for Africa. The flight is just over 15 hours from Atlanta to Johannesburg. We will relying on sleep masks, headphones, and neck pillows for our wild crew to get a decent nights sleep and great movies and games while they are awake. If we can survive that with our sanity in tact, we’re definitely ready for more.

There have been a lot of strange and not great things happening in the DRC that keep capturing media attention. We want you to know that Global Ministries in the United Methodist Church takes our safety very seriously. Also, it is by faith that we serve and it is by love that we are saved. We know there is plenty to fear, but we will not live in that state because the only certainty we have is in salvation. 

Please continue to follow us and please pray for us on this journey. 

God bless you friends!

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