Almost Two Weeks In…

We have been on the ground nearly two weeks, find out how we are feeling about it all.

6 thoughts on “Almost Two Weeks In…

  1. Hello Renee, Nick, Corbin, Porter, Simon, Harrison. I saw your new post. So glad to see all of you. Say how we’re the Lay’s chips? Will be so excited to your new house when you get it.
    Our weather here is 60 degrees today two days ago was 7 degrees. Our 6 inches of snow we got on Friday is almost gone.
    Miss you all so much. Hugs, kisses.


    1. Hi Julie, we haven’t had those chips yet. However we got some last week that we’re lays in a green bag, so I thought they were sour cream and onion. But we realized they were spring onion and cheese, still good but certainly different.


  2. I’m so excited for you. Am following everything I can about you all. How are the boys adapting to the new environment? What do you like most that you have experienced and are the people friendly to you? How do you like the food, have you tried the local cuisine?
    Am praying for you and your mission, your health, and safety.


    1. Hi Mary, we love that you are following along. It is quite a journey so far, and looks to be quite exciting as things move forward.

      What do we like most, certainly it is the people. While we do stand out quite a bit, and we get plenty of looks, the people here have been so kind, helpful, and welcoming to us. As far as food, we havent tried much of the local cuisine, unless you count bread and cookies. Here the stores and street venders sell a lot of sweets and baked goods, and boy we are very excited about that 🙂

      Thank you for the note.


  3. Love you guys…so glad things are starting to settle in for you all. Things are going well with my church and I am feeling more led as each day goes by. I know you will all make a huge difference there…you are all in my prayers and we are thinking of you all.


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