Lunch Break Mayhem

Call out from the Congo,Kaozi kids

I want to highlight a major difference in the schools here versus my experience in the United States: lunchtime. I remember as a child filing into the lunch room and sitting at large tables with our lunch trays. There was a milk machine and a hot lunch option if you had not packed your lunch at home.

My children were having similar lunch breaks at their elementary schools. That is NO LONGER the case here. For better or worse lunchtime is a very different beast at TESOL in Congo.  The children spill out of their classrooms, gather their lunch boxes (all from home) and eat the widest variety of foods I have ever witnessed outside a church potluck. Your standard sandwiches are present, but beef, rice, and vegetables are not uncommon to see as well as hotdogs and fries.

After the children have consumed whatever they are interested in eating, they begin to play (and or terrorize each other). They are not required to sit in the chairs they have brought out from their classrooms, so they often choose to stand.


But, the real highlight from today’s lunch break was this. The playground outside the corridor where the children eat was very muddy so the kids were horsing around in this long corridor. In an effort to entertain some of the children, the kind and wonderful principal Mr. Loshita was engaging the kids in a hopping/dancing game of follow the leader.

It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths to which excellent educators will go to not only share Christ’s love with children, but sacrifice personal comfort for the joy of others. This is a shout out to all those who teach in any capacity. May God fill your hearts with the joy to dance and hop like Mr. Loshita.

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