Once Upon a Lightbulb…


Hello Friends,

We have nearly reached the end of our five weeks in temporary housing. The waiting seemed so very long but truly was not at all. Being brand new in a country that is across the world both literally and figuratively from what we know has presented many challenges. The people here speak Swahili and French and as our boys have become very competent in saying “Je ne comprends pa,” meaning “I do not understand,” in French.

Back to our stay in temporary housing, we have had the great fortune to have been staying in the Christian Brethren guesthouse run by a delightful woman named Rachel who is British. It has been quiet, safe and just what we needed at the end of a long day. The one exception has been the spotty electricity. If you have heard anything about DRCongo, you may have heard that the power grid is terrible. It’s true!

img_20190222_063659645Our guesthouse compound has a generator that they run for 1 1/2 hours three times a day at meal times. When the electricity is on there is a special light bulb that flashes green and red. We discuss it daily because one of our children (you can just enjoy guessing which) has to announce that the power is on because the light bulb is changing colors.

As we depart from this safe haven, we thank you all for the prayers and are excited to show you pictures of our new home as we get settled in. We will be a very short drive from the school where Harrison is attending cutting our morning and afternoon commute in half! God is good! We pray for you all and thank God for friends and family who serve the Lord tirelessly and with joy in your hearts.



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