What’s in your Easter Basket?

“I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong- that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” Romans 1:11-12

A week and a half ago we purchased this fierce beast, Carl, and he is doing his best to protect us. We think he is part German Shepard and he has the boys wrapped around his finger. He is great company for our guards (did we mention we employ guards?) and will alert us if there is any mischief while we sleep.

More on the guards. Most homes in the city of Lubumbashi are surrounded by a high stone wall usually topped with razor wire or shards of glass. It is not uncommon to have decorative bars over the windows as well as the presence of guards, gatekeepers, or gardeners…whatever term you prefer. The two gentlemen serving our family are named Michel and Felix. They are here not so much for our protection, but to discourage any shady business. Carl is the perfect addition to this dynamic duo.

Our other Easter blessing was the arrival of my parents, Linda and Al. It is NOT an easy task to travel to the lovely country we live in. It requires months of planning, numerous vaccinations, lengthy wait times for Visas and invitation letters, not to mention the expense. Though all of that is a mountain many never chose to climb, my well-traveled, fully vaccinated parents arrived last week, a little apprehensive and tired but excited to see our city of Lubumbashi.

It wouldn’t be Congo without a dinner by lantern light.

We had the BEST time! The boys drug out every board-game, read lots of books on grandparents laps, showed off their schools, and rejoiced in our Risen Lord. As Nick and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday, we tearfully put them on a plane to leave us. Never have I wanted to beg them more to stay, but also never have I been more grateful for the love that I know they have for me and my family.

The love of God was ours before we knew it, it is ours when we deny it and it is ours when we seek it with our whole heart. I am so thankful for our heavenly Father who doesn’t abandon or deny us. Thank you Lord, this year my Easter basket was amazing!!


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3 thoughts on “What’s in your Easter Basket?

  1. We truly enjoy your updates and stories. Sounds like you had a great Easter season. Thanks to you All for your dedication and service. We miss you and we continue to be in prayer for you. Ron Griffin and Asbury Circuit Churches!


  2. Is there an age limit to be y’all’s body guards? I could do that….and I’d probably do a better job since I love y’all more! Best wishes!

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