The Sh(a)w Must Go On

Hello friends and welcome to the final installment with the Shaw family in our roles as missionaries. It has been an interesting, wonderful, and troubling journey and we have prayed fervently for wisdom in making some decisions. God has kept us safe and we are thankful for all the prayers and support that have gotten us here.
Our family returned to Ohio on short notice in March for two main reasons. First, we were in Zambia as guests with 90 day visitor’s visa. The Zambian government made a statement that they would no longer be issuing new long-term visas due to the pandemic for the foreseeable future. They have STILL NOT started issuing new visas.  Not great news for us. Second, as scary as Covid19 has been in the U.S., there is something comforting about walking through a pandemic in your own country where you know good medical care is available to your family. We are grateful to our bosses at Global Ministries for their quick action in helping us get home. It was an arduous journey.


What does the future hold for us? We don’t know for sure. We have made the difficult decision to leave Global Ministries and remain in the U.S. seeking some much-needed stability. Nick has been appointed to a church outside of Columbus part-time and we will continue living in the lovely neighborhood where friends are renting us a furnished home. We have dreams for what might come next, but we are trying to be patient for God to help reveal what is in His will. Life is certainly an adventure and we could not have even come close to guessing at this outcome to our mission work.
Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for simply reading our story. We have never felt alone. We knew all of you were with us on our journey and that God did not leave us. Now we have friends as well as a whole lot of furniture and personal items in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Someday we may return and until then…we’ll pray our stuff makes it back to us.

Continuation Report on Summer 2010 Trip to the Democratic Republic ...

God bless and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.                                                                 Numbers 6:24-26
In the name of the Lord! Amen
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One thought on “The Sh(a)w Must Go On

  1. Glad to hear how things have worked out for y’all.  It is indeed a good time to be “Out of Africa.” Also delighted that Nick has found a position, and that y’all can remain in the Columbus area for a while.  At least the boys will be back in some kind of American educational setting! April is not doing well.  Just turned 73 on Monday, and Scharly (rescue schnauzer-mix) and I were allowed a “distance visit” at the facility.  April did not enjoy our visit as I had hoped, but she did get some snuggle time with the woof. The facility will doubtless be closed to visitors for another month or more.  So far, they have remained COVID-free. April can’t be reached by phone because she crushed her iPhone, and after I had it repaired, threw it against a wall…and it can’t even be found now.  If you would like to call her, Chatham Ridge can be contacted at 919-918-7872.  If you get a recording, immediately press 4.  Ask that your call be transferred to the Horizons unit, and the staff there can call April to the phone. Your parents seem to be adjusting well to their new home.  They’ll be glad to be in Virginia, especially this winter! Hang in there, and carpe diem.


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